Vinyl Sticker - French Bulldog Them Butt Swirls!

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Introducing our charming and whimsical water-resistant vinyl sticker featuring a delightful French Bulldog's endearing behind! Designed with care and creativity, this sticker captures the essence of the beloved Frenchie with a unique twist - them butt swirls!

At the heart of this sticker lies a playful portrait of a French Bulldog's behind, complete with a nub tail and the cute swirling fur that I call butt swirls!  Whether adorning your water bottle, laptop, notebook, or any other surface, this sticker is bound to stand out, add quirkiness and personality, makes a statement, and garner some chuckles.

Perfect for Frenchie lovers, dog enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates a touch of lighthearted charm, this sticker is sure to add a dash of personality to your belongings. So why wait? Embrace the humour and bring a smile to your day with our adorable French Bulldog's Them Butt Swirls vinyl sticker!

This sticker measures approximately in 2.5" width x 2.8" height and can be affixed to practically any smooth surface. 

Please note the colors of the decals/stickers may vary slightly in person due to different color settings of screens as well as the general nature of printing.  However we do try our best to keep all our photos true to their color.

Stickers on images shown are not actual size, please measure the space where you intend to apply the sticker.

  • Permanent Vinyl - matte finish
  • Durable & water resistant

Application Instructions
  1. Make sure the surface area is clean.
  2. Peel off backing.
  3. Position sticker/decal and press down.  Use a squeegee or plastic card to remove any air bubbles.
  4. Peel away the manilla colored tape (only for cut out decals).
  5. Voila!  Time to show off your sticker/decal!