The story of Bare It Designs

The story of Bare It Designs

From as far as she could remember, Jo had always wanted to create and share neat designs with others. She began with notebook doodles and then moved onto computer illustrations and designs. As a self taught designer, Jo is always looking for the next source of inspiration and loves to sit and talk with other about their creations.

With the original Bare It (which launched on Etsy back in 2011) and the single coloured screen printing machine, Jo had to rely on her wit and quirkiness to compete against other designers with much more advanced print methods. Fast forward 7 years later, Bare It Designs (as we are now called), can proudly state that we have had over 80,000 views, 45,000 unique visits and 1,700 completed sales (we will keep the dollar amount out of it for now).

But with this modest success from a part time passion, Jo is far from done! We are now ready to take the next step.

Time to introduce the newest member to our Bare It Designs family - Roland TruVIS SG-300. Roli (as dubbed by us here), is ready, willing, and able to start creating for all you folks out there!

Contact us for the full scope of our capabilities. And once Jo has wowed you with her creativeness, we can then talked about Roli.